Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rock Band Songs I'd Like to See Part 2

I meant to finish posting this last week but I didn't get around to it.

7.  Big Bang Baby - Stone Temple Pilots

My favorite STP song.  Upon listening to it it sounds like it would be relatively easy (like Sex Type Thing which is already in the game) but super entertaining and the end is fantastic.

6.  Dope Train - The Vines

I would love to see The Vines represented in Rock Band.  Any song off of Vision Valley would be fine with me but this is my favorite.  It has a bit of a tricky guitar part and would be fun to sing.

5.  Sometimes Salvation - Black Crowes

There is one song by The Black Crowes is Rock Band presently (actually it's a cover) but in my opinion they could have chosen several better songs.  The Southern Harmony and Musical COmpanion is an absolute classic album so most songs off of it would be great but I think Sometimes Salvation would be the best.  It has some good, tough guitar and bass parts and features Chris Robinson in one of his best vocal performances.  Actually they should just put the entire album out as DLC.

4. Impossible Germany - Wilco

Off of Sky Blue Sky, Impossible Germany has one of my favorite guitar solos of all time.  This would be a pretty epic song for the guitarist but would be possibly boring for the singer, not that there aren't other songs already in the game like that;  Green Grass for example.

3.  Auf Weidersehen - Cheap Trick

A ridiculously awesome song which would be pretty damn hard  on drums from what I can tell. This one would be pretty tough but the factor would be huge, having a large portion of the lyrics in other languages would possibly make things difficult for the singer as well.

2.  Hell Below/Stars Above - The Toadies

The Toadies really need to get in Rock Band.  The drums in this song are very fast and it sounds like it's a pretty relentless beat for minutes at a time.  There's a lot of good guitar and some great sing-along lyrics that would make this song perfect for the game.

1. One Big Holiday - My Morning Jacket

It has my favorite guitar solo ever recorded and would be something of a bitch to play I'm sure.  The song starts right away with a tricky guitar riff and drum lick and goes for a minute or so before the other instruments even come in.  It's possible a lot of bands would fail out even before the bassist and singer get a chance to show their stuff (like in Foreplay/Longtime) but the experience would be worth it for those that play the song through.

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